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    Street Lighting and Road Safety

    Date:2020-03-07View:93Tages:street light manufacturers

    Have you ever driven at night and felt the difference between roads that are lit with street lights and roads that are not? This is aside from the obvious bright and dark situation but more so on the general feeling of safety that you feel when the road has sufficient lighting than when it is dark.
  • street light manufacturers

    Fixing LED Dimmable Issues

    Date:2020-03-03View:78Tages:street light manufacturers

    In all the lighting history, the LED dimmable flood lights may be flourishing, but when there comes new technology, then it may lead to problems. LED isn't a bad technology but it means the light should be dimmed for them to be up to date. Even during early days, the technology was affecting the fluorescent lamps as well so its just something that moves with the season.
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